Meet a Variety of Needs with Service Options Like a Funeral and Cremation in Harlingen, TX

Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park offer professional funerals, cremation, and burial services in Harlingen, TX. As a family-owned and operated funeral home, we understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one. Our goal is to provide our client families with a memorable and fitting tribute to their loved ones. We have 30+ years of experience dedicated to serving families from all walks of life. Let us help you do a personalized service as unique as the life lived. Contact us at (956) 425-8200 or visit us at our Harlingen location!

When selecting death care services related to a funeral and cremation in Harlingen, TX, there is no exact science or perfectly correct way to handle things. Each family and individual will have unique needs and preferences. It is part of what makes our human family so incredible. Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult, even in the best circumstances. Our Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park teams are committed to helping you and your family through this tender time immediately following your loss.

Harlingen TX Funeral Home And Cremations

Traditional Burial Services or More Relaxed Service Options

If a burial occurs and public services are attached, the ceremonies we help you design will most likely center around the casketed remains. You will decide the specifics, but if you want a public viewing of the deceased, the body will probably need to be embalmed. The embalming process offers a larger window of time when the body may be most comfortably viewed. The procedure removes body fluids and injects a cocktail of chemicals in their place. These chemicals include formaldehyde which acts as a preservative in dead tissues.


A funeral ceremony can stand alone or work with other traditional events, such as the viewing mentioned above. Traditional services could be led by a funeral professional or your chosen version of a clergyman or woman. Some funerals are held at a church, funeral home, or another event center. Less formal events might be held outdoors or at a family home. It is all about how you and your family will be most comfortable and supported.


Many funerals close at the graveside for the burial service or committal portion of events. In more simplified events, the entirety of the service might take place at this location. It is always appropriate to purchase a group of sites in selected areas to accommodate your family’s needs for proximal burial if you would like that option. Your chosen cemetery may have various settings for different groups of people, such as children, veterans, or religiously affiliated persons.


All About Cremation Services

An alternative solution to fully burying deceased remains is to have the body prepared via a cremation procedure. Cremation services can bring many attractive benefits to the final arrangements process. Because cremation is less time-consuming to administer than other death care preparations, it is often more affordable than a full traditional funeral. For many, the option to avoid burying toxically laden chemicals along with synthetic materials used in burial containers is reason enough to choose cremation.


The cremation process may vary slightly from provider to provider, but the basics will be consistent. The body will usually be cleansed and dressed as desired by the family. A hard-sided cremation container may be used to contain the remains for loading into the chamber. This container is flammable and lightweight. It serves to preserve the dignity of the deceased throughout the cremation process. Once secured within the furnace chamber, intense heat is applied to the space. Soon flames engulf all the contents within.


The resulting remains are called “ashes” and are usually a collection that weighs just a few pounds. Most of this matter is dried and ground up skeletal remains. The cremated body is no longer prone to decomposition since all those cells that would deteriorate that way will have been rendered inert by the burning process.


Veteran Needs with Funeral and Cremation in Harlingen, TX

Those who have served their country deserve our highest respect and honor. At Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park, we are always humbled and grateful to be invited to support veterans’ services. All veteran benefits and honors will be subject to verified eligibility. Our funeral directors and staff are well-versed in helping you acquire these available benefits and will do all we can to help honor your veteran appropriately with your choices of funeral and cremation in Harlingen, TX. Be sure to ask about our circle of honor at the cemetery; it is exceptional.


Preplanning Opens Up Conversations and Brings Peace of Mind to Everyone

Preplanning final arrangements can be made for anyone. Healthy adults concerned with estate planning may decide to put at least some simple plans in place. Families facing death will often find that having these difficult conversations brings catharsis and paves the way for a healthier grieving path from the start. Preplanning options for vets can also benefit families who want military funeral services but may not be overly familiar with the process. Preplans can be started from the comfort of your home through our convenient preplanning form on our website.


Hire Committed Experts

For something as final and delicate as deathcare, you need the support of seasoned professionals with the equipment and expertise to deliver flawless services for a funeral and cremation in Harlingen, TX. We work hard at Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park to be those caring experts. With nearly 50 years of roots in the industry, we have built a trusted reputation by serving one family and one client at a time.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What makes a good funeral?

  • A successful funeral is one that enriches and solidifies your memories. It ought to always reflect the person. It ought to enhance the links of support and unite individuals. A fitting funeral will truly celebrate a special life.

How do you honor a loved one?

  • It is only natural to wish to preserve the memories of someone we love after their passing. Finding a method that works for you is most vital because there are many different methods to go about doing this. Some people decide to build a monument or headstone as a tribute. Learn more on how to honor a loved one.

What should you choose between burial and cremation?

  • There are a few key considerations to consider when deciding between burial and cremation. One is cost - cremation is typically cheaper than burial. Another is space - if you're buried, you'll need a plot of land, whereas if you're cremated, you can be scattered or have your ashes kept in an urn.