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Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park is family-owned and operated, highly committed to providing personalized funerals, cremations, and burials in Mercedes, TX. There are a lot of ways to celebrate and honor life, and we believe that taking your time to design a funeral service is an act of love. For more than 30 years, we have committed to providing services with care and compassion. From our family to your family, let us sincerely help you in one of the most challenging parts of life.  Call us at (956) 425-8200 to know how we can help!

Are you planning services for a loved one or your own future needs with a funeral and cremation in Mercedes, TX? This topic can feel very charged, but it need not be completely overwhelming with the proper support. Consider reaching out to Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park professional teams. We have the experience and reliability you need to help you through this most challenging time so you can keep your focus on saying goodbye and caring for your family.

Mercedes TX Funeral Home And Cremations

There is not one perfect way to honor a departed individual. Each person and family have their own needs and desires. Finding a balance between any known wishes of the deceased while also considering what will most help the grieving family and friends is usually best. There are many ways to do this, but here are two formats that seem to work well to get most people started.


Look for Availability in the Style of Plot You Want

Burials are generally associated with a funeral service. Funerals are primarily centered around the casket. Though the grieving process will just be getting started when the funeral is finished, there is a particular layer of closure that this format can emit. Grief professionals and counselors universally agree that funerals help the reality of death set in for mourning survivors.


Funerals can be one isolated event or a whole series of related events. In either case, the person who has died is remembered and laid to rest. Full-service packages often include the option to have a viewing or visitation with the family. The body does not need to be presented for viewing; if it is, the remains will typically need to be embalmed. The embalming process cleanses the corpse internally and externally with a solution of chemicals that include formaldehyde. These chemicals deter the natural decomposition process for a time.


After the viewing, the funeral is usually offered next. Funerals can be officiated over by religious leadership if desired. Other funeral professionals could support this function instead if needed. Churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, event centers, or family homes are all perfect places to hold a funeral. Once the funeral is over, a procession may go to the cemetery together if the burial is subsequently located nearby. Here a short committal service may precede the interment of the individual.


Flexible Solutions with Cremation Services for Body Disposition

In some situations, casket burial is not the preferred final disposition solution. If that is true in your case, cremation offers an excellent alternative to care for the body. Cremation is not usually considered a "final disposition" since the resulting remains (ashes) will still need to be placed somewhere. But it is a legal and sanitary way to respectfully dispose of human remains by rendering all the tissues prone to decay inert.


Cremation does not commence until all required wait times and permits have been obtained. This is especially important since the process is not reversible once completed. While awaiting these clearances, the body is kept secure in cold storage. When the procedure time arrives, the body will be cleaned, dressed, and casketed as needed.


Then, the remains will be placed in the cremation furnace chamber. Once inside, the chamber furnaces will be ignited to add scorching heat to the space. The contents will soon combust and burn for the next two hours. After a cooling period, all contents left behind will be carefully collected and processed into smaller particles called cremated remains or ashes. These remains are legal for burial, scattering, or coming home in a displayable urn.


Honoring Veteran Service With Options for a Funeral and Cremation in Mercedes, TX

Veteran services are always an extraordinary thing to be part of. At Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park, we are privileged to assist families laying their veterans to rest. Our team is well-qualified and trained to make the process of receiving military funeral benefits that are due as simple as possible. From there, we handle the details to give your hero the send-off they have earned, including our special tribute: the circle of honor at the cemetery.


Making Plans Before They Are Needed

On that note--veteran services for a funeral and cremation in Mercedes, TX, can be planned ahead. But preplanning services are not limited to veterans! Preplanning final arrangements is something that can be beneficial for everyone. Who knows better than you that you would prefer for your final disposition? If you have an idea of who should present or perform at your ceremonies, it's a good idea to get these hopes and requests recorded now.


Choose a Full-Service Firm with a Reputation for Excellence

With nearly 50 years of growing our business here and in the surrounding communities, we have learned the best ways to help through these difficult transitions. For the highest levels of support in funeral and cremation in Mercedes, TX, hire the team at Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park. We can help you with every aspect of the planning process, down to the details of the final interment.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why should you plan a funeral?

  • When a loved one dies, it can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time. Planning a funeral can help you to begin the grieving process and start to come to terms with your loss. It can also be a way of celebrating your loved one's life and paying tribute to them.

What are the things to remember when planning a funeral?

  • When you are planning a funeral, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will need to decide on the date and time of the funeral. You will also need to choose a location for the funeral, such as a church or funeral home. You will need to make arrangements for transportation to and from the funeral. Finally, you will need to choose who will officiate the funeral. Check our funeral pre-planning checklist.

What are the examples of a good funeral etiquette?

  • Arriving on time or early to the service
  • Dressing in respectful and conservative clothing
  • Refraining from talking during the service
  • Listening to and participating in the service
  • Respecting the privacy of the family
  • Learn more about funeral etiquette