Adaptable Solutions for Funeral and Cremation in La Feria, TX

At Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park, we understand that every person is unique in their way. That is why we offer personalized funeral services that match the personality and life of your loved ones. We make it a personal commitment to provide you and your family with the highest quality of service that a funeral home can offer. Since 1988, we have served families in La Feria, TX, with their funerals, cremations, and burial needs with integrity. Call us at (956) 425-8200 for any immediate need or any questions you may have!

When planning services, like a funeral and cremation in La Feria, TX, the details won't necessarily be just like another. It makes sense because your family is unique, and the person who died is unlike anyone else. So, when you need to design adaptable death care solutions to help your grieving family and honor your loved one well, look to the professionals at Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park for support. We specialize in creating adaptable custom final service arrangements.

La Feria TX Funeral Home And Cremations

Honoring with Traditional Burial Services

If you are making plans surrounding a burial, we will typically suggest that your honoring ceremonies also revolve around the casketed remains. This is a traditional method of laying a loved one to rest, but it need not be conforming. Funeral services can be religious or secular. Grief experts widely agree that funerals are exceptionally supportive of the mourning community. In addition, there is something psychologically healing about "seeing" the reality of death by viewing an open or closed casket. It can help us move out of shock and denial more healthily.


There is no "right way" to have a funeral service and hundreds of ways to make your plans uniquely yours. Complete funerary service packages could include at least a few events but know that these are optional. Visitation events are often held before the funeral. At a visitation, the deceased's body could be presented for public viewing. If this is done, the body will usually need to be embalmed. Embalming is a process that cleanses the body internally and externally with a solution of chemicals that have a preserving effect.


The funeral offers space for the life and legacy of the deceased to be celebrated and remembered. This event can be a profoundly emotional yet healing experience for many families. Also, funerals are scheduled at cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, event centers, or private residences. Find the location that will be accessible and appropriate to your anticipated guest list, and work with your funeral director to put the details in place. Many funerals finish at the cemetery or burial park with the interment or committal service.


Alternatives Available with Cremation Services

Not everyone needs or wants to have a full-scale funerary service. Others wish for a funeral but feel ethically opposed to the environmental concerns with modern burial practices. Cremation services are an excellent alternative. Instead of burying intact remains, the body is burned until only the calcified portions of the bones remain. These bones are collected and granularized into the form we call ashes. The ashes can be buried, scattered in an outdoor location with appropriate permissions, or kept at home in a decorative urn.


Cremation can occur directly without any publicly attached services. This is helpful to families who want more time to plan a memorial service down the road. Cremation is also an option to follow a full funerary service. The bereaved family members will benefit from "saying goodbye," while the final disposition options will be more flexible after cremation.


Helping Veterans and Their Families Create Meaningful Funeral and Cremation in La Feria, TX

There is something so humbling and moving about laying a veteran to rest. Whether the individual passed in active duty, combat service, or after a long and whole life after serving, these individuals are some of the most selfless heroes the world has ever known. We have worked hard at Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park to learn the ropes and have supported hundreds of veteran funerals.


We stand tall for veteran funeral and cremation in La Feria, TX, to honor heroes and their families. Our staff helps you know what documents are needed to verify eligibility. We streamline the paperwork process and help you and your family receive the military funeral benefits that are due. Remember to ask us about the beautiful traditions we offer, including our circle of honor at the cemetery.


Prearrangement Plans for Everyone

Designing future needed death care plans may feel a little uncomfortable initially, but once you consider it, we think you'll agree this is a smart move. Healthy adults with many years left to live are choosing to make final arrangements plans as part of their estate planning checklist. Others come to this conversation when they or a close loved one meet with a terminal health issue and death is known to be approaching. Those advancing in age also find comfort in designating their final wishes for when the time comes.


Retain Honest Professionals You Can Trust to Help You Through This Difficult Time

Good support can make managing the most trying times a little bit easier. It is no different if you plan final services like a funeral and cremation in La Feria, TX. Having trusted professionals who help you find the best for you is vital. At Rudy Garza Funeral Homes and Ashland Memorial Park, our teams offer this level of compassion and support to grieving families in our community. Let our family help you through this profoundly tender time.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is the most basic type of funeral?

  • The most basic type of funeral is a direct cremation. In this type of cremation, the body is cremated shortly after death, without any sort of funeral service or visitation beforehand. The ashes are then given to the family, who can choose to scatter them, keep them in an urn, or bury them.

What is permanent memorialization?

  • Permanent memorialization is the process of creating a lasting monument or structure to commemorate a person, event, or milestone. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as erecting a physical structure like a statue or building, naming a space after the subject of commemoration, or creating an online tribute.

What is funeral pre-planning?

  • Funeral pre-planning is making arrangements for your own funeral in advance. This can include selecting and paying for a burial plot, coffin or urn, as well as arranging the details of the funeral service. It can also involve writing your own obituary, choosing music for the service, and selecting pallbearers.